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    The one key enabling all of us in achieving all of our dreams and goals is having an indestructible self-confidence and a belief in ourselves. Without this unshakable confidence, we would never have the courage ...
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    Playing Dungeons and Dragons has gotten a bad rap for many years, but I can assure you that not only is it a fun game, but it can also develop a man into a better leader. I personally know several men that were and still are RPG gamers that own successful businesses, run companies, are journalists and writers, or are at the top in their particular career field. Many were labeled geeks and nerds for their love of D and D, but they all grew up to be successful leaders. You may be wondering how battling dragons, moving armor-clad figures around a tabletop gaming board, and rolling 20-sided dice can help with leadership skills. Dungeons and Dragons is far more than any of that. So how does being a "gamer" develop a man into a leader and successful person?

    Role-play gaming brings out the creativity in a man. It forces him to use the deepest parts of his imagination because it is not a video game that is being watched on a screen. ...
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    Sometimes you need to "draw the line" when it comes to some people and some issues that you might encounter in your life. "Drawing the line" is setting a boundary that will allow no one to proceed any further. "Drawing the line" is not something that should be done flippantly. It should only be done when you mean business and are not willing to back down under any circumstances. Historically, drawing the line meant defending against a foe at all costs, even to the point of losing one's life. These occurrences were often of a military nature, either being an actual event or sometimes a legendary one.

    One of the first recorded events where a "line was drawn" was in a poem that originated in India called Rāmāyaṇa. In the poem, Lakshmana, a deity that descended from heaven to earth, drew a line around a dwelling that housed the poem's heroine in order to protect her. ...
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    I often hear men tell me that they do not have time to do certain things in their life. It may be reading a book, working out or going back to school. Time has been perfectly divided for us so we can do the things we want to and need to do.

    I often have men tell me that they do not have time to do certain things in their life that they need or want to do. It may be reading a book, dating, doing home repairs, working out, going back to school, and many other things. The truth about it is that time has been perfectly divided for us so that we can do all the things we want and need to do.

    Saying that you do not have time to accomplish something can mean a variety of things. It can mean that you are over scheduled with more tasks than you can handle. It can mean that you are not following a strict enough schedule and let unimportant things such as watching television, mindlessly talking on the phone, or other things waste your time. ...
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    What defines a man? Below are some definitions of the word man in the Merriam Webster Dictionary.

    a (1) : an individual human; especially : an adult male human (2) : a man belonging to a particular category (as by birth, residence, membership, or occupation) —usually used in combination man> (3) : husband (4) : lover

    b : the human race : humankind

    c : a bipedal primate mammal (Homo sapiens) that is anatomically related to the great apes but distinguished especially by notable development of ...
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    All of us have a skill or a specialty we can share and pass on to a man or group of men in our life. Everyone of you should become a mentor or mantor as we call it.

    Every man needs a mentor and every man needs to be a mentor to someone. Everyone has valuable knowledge about a certain subject or has great experiences from which another man can benefit. This can be anything from wisdom on life, to business mentoring, to spiritual advice, to relationships, or to career guidance. Mentoring encompasses every single subject that exists.

    I fondly remember the first man that mentored me. His name was Bill Colfax, and, if it were not for him, I would never have had the success in my personal and business life that I have had. Bill was the first boss I had at what I considered to be a real job. At the time, I thought he was old, but when I look back, he was a bit older than my present age, so that means he was a young man back then!
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    Your anger reveals volumes about you. It shows the world your weaknesses, what causes you to react and the level of self control you possess.

    Your anger reveals volumes about you. It shows the world your weaknesses, what causes you to react, and the level of self control you possess. When you engage in angry outbursts, you shine a light on who you really are to everyone around you. Of course, anger is an emotion that everyone falls victim to at one time or another, but how we allow that emotion to control us and how we react will determine how others perceive us.

    The anger that you display to those around you tells more about who you are ...
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    People disagree all the time over a variety of subjects from sports, to politics, to religion, to philosophy and on and on. Debating like a gentleman can be healthy, productive, ...

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