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    Let’s talk water!! With summer just around the corner I have been thinking about how much better water can make a miserable, hot day. Water is composed of two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule, better known as dihydrogen oxide to my more nerdy peeps out there. Water comprises approximately 60 - 78 percent of the human body and is crucial for our survival. A cool thing about water is the fact that it is able to exist in three different forms: liquid, solid, and gaseous.

    Liquid form is one of the most widely seen forms of water, which is found in our lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans. ...
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    Halley’s Comet is the most famous comet of all the comets I have ever read about. It was named after the great Edmund Haley, who was born in 1656 and obviously lived until he died in 1742. It is often forgotten about due to its long absences from our skies. This beauty will only orbit the sun every seventy-six years. Halley’s Comet last graced us with a sighting in 1986 and is not scheduled for return flight until 2062. For this I am a little sad that this comet will not come around again until I am far too old and senile to know what the heck I am looking at. Most likely, as a seventy-eight year old man, I will stare up at the sky, and shake my cane in a violent fashion, telling that bright light to go away so I can sleep. Well, enough about me--let’s get back to our topic.
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    The bald eagle is the bird that is always recognized as the national symbol of the United States of America, appearing on the country's seal.

    Its Latin scientific name Haliaeetus leucocephalus; is broken down as follows - hali = salt, aeetus = eagle, leuco = white, cephalis = head; therefore, bald eagles are not really bald, but "white headed." The adult is mainly brown with a white head and tail. It can have a wing span of nearly 8 feet, lives around 25 years and is found in every state except Hawaii. At one point, bald eagles were on the brink of extinction in America, but its populations recovered and they were removed from the list of endangered species on July 12, 1995, and transferred to the list of threatened species. They were removed from the List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife in the lower 48 states on June 28, 2007.
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    How do you go about creating a fit mind? The first thing that you need to accomplish is to take away any doubts that you have about yourself and your mental capacity. You must never put yourself down in the area of intelligence or make statements about your educational unworthiness. Visualize your brain as being supercharged and full of electrical charge. When I wake up, I always visualize my brain beginning to spark like an engine kicking on. After that, I envision my brain cells warming up and beginning to move. I follow this with a mental video of my mind flowing perfectly with electrical currents and charges. Try it for several days and you will notice your brain becoming supercharged with activity.

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