• A Gentleman's Guide to Gym Etiquette

    Attachment 53 I spend a considerable amount of time at the gym, and I have come to the conclusion that no one has the foggiest idea about gym etiquette. Most guys roll into the gym, and the whole time they are working out, they are trampling on the rights of the other gym members. Going to the gym should be enjoyable, but I find that my workout time is ruined when other people do not follow the simple rules of gym etiquette. Many gym rules are nothing more than standard rules of conduct that everyone should know, but there are some that you may have never heard of before.

    I am going to list several rules of etiquette that should be followed at the gym that will help make working out a whole lot more enjoyable for you and those exercising around you.

    Rule 1 - The gym is for working out. Of course, you might have some friends at the gym, but the main purpose of going to the gym is fitness, not socializing. Standing around talking and laughing loudly, blocking the way with group conversations, and hanging out instead of exercising is not acceptable.

    Rule 2 - Do not talk to people while they are working out. If you have time to talk, then you have time to train.

    Rule 3 - Clean up! Make sure that you clean up the machines and weights before and after you use them. The reason you should also clean up before is that the person that used the equipment before you may have been lazy and not have cleaned up after himself. Of course, cleaning up the machine when you're done is pretty self explanatory. No one wants to work out in the pool of sweat and germs that you left behind!

    Rule 4 - Rack the weights when you are done using them.

    Rule 5 - Don't work out next to the weight or dumbbell racks. You should not block them so other gym members will have easy access to get the weights they need.

    Rule 6 - Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough. You are in a health club, so let's keep it healthy by not spreading your germs around.

    Rule 7 - Do you have to pee? Use the urinal, not the shower, the jacuzzi or the gym's swimming pool.

    Rule 8 - Stay focused on your workout rather than on what everyone else is doing. You are there for your health, not people watching.

    Rule 9 -Do not rest between sets by sitting on equipment that someone else may want to use. You should get up to rest if you are going to be longer than 30 or 40 seconds, so the machine is available for someone that might be waiting to use it.

    Rule 10 - Be aware of other people's personal space. There is no need to be doing overhead presses right above someone that is bench pressing. Be a better man and give others the right away, rather than bullying your way in because you feel they are in your way.

    Rule 11 - Leave your cell phone in your locker. It is annoying and distracting to have someone flapping away next to you while you are trying to get your workout in.

    Rule 12 - Do not wear any cologne or strong-smelling deodorant to the gym. The smell can make other people around you feel nauseous and ruin their workout.

    Rule 13 - Do not engage in inappropriate conversation, use curse words, or speak critically of others.

    Rule 14 - Do not spit in the drinking fountain. It is gross, and other people will be drinking after you that do not want your germs.

    Rule 15 - Some personal hygiene needs to be done at home and not in the gym. You should not be clipping your fingernails and toenails in the locker room. Also, do not stand in front of the mirror and squeeze your pimples.

    Rule 16 - Dress appropriately for your workout. Going bare-chested for your workout is not proper attire!

    Rule 17 - Try not to drop the weights you are lifting onto the floor, unless you are about to injure yourself.

    Rule 18 - Do not offer unsolicited training advice unless you are a staff trainer. It is not your job to worry about another person's fitness routine.

    Rule 19 - Mind your own business when another member gets on the scale to weigh themselves. You should not be looking over their shoulder to get a gander at the numbers showing on the scale.

    Rule 20 - Always be a gentleman when you are at the gym. You do not need to be leering at the ladies, getting into arguments or acting childishly. You are there to improve your health, and that should be the one main focus you have from the time you arrive until the time you leave the gym. Treat others the way you would like to be treated, be willing to give everyone a helping hand, and be sure to enjoy your workouts.
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