• Extreme 12 X 5 Cardio Workouts

    Attachment 70Are you bored with your cardio workouts? Do you find it a chore to make it through 60 minutes on a cardio machine? We all know that it can be a long, boring hour on a treadmill even if there is a good show to watch on TV for the duration of your workout.

    To overcome this, I have started doing what I call Extreme 12 X 5 Cardio Workouts.
    Not only do these short but extreme cardio workouts help combat boredom, but they also confuse the body as you are constantly changing your cardiovascular workout sets. Since this confuses your body, you are getting an ultimate workout because your body can't get used to the 12 changes it goes through in a 60-minute cardio session.

    Extreme 12 X 5 Cardio Workouts consists of 12 different cardio exercises or variations of the certain exercises. Every five minutes, you switch to a different exercise. During each exercise you work out as hard as you possibly can. You need to push yourself to limits you never thought you could endure. But, once you reach five minutes, you immediately stop, stretch for a few seconds, and quickly move to the next machine. Then, you hit it hard with that exercise for five more minutes and then stretch again and move on to the next station.

    You'd be surprised at how fast those five-minute intervals go by, and even more surprised by how fast your 60- minute cardio workout flies by. You won't have time to get bored with any one exercise because of the constant variety this workout program offers. These 5-minute sessions can be done on machines or by doing cardiovascular exercises independent of machines.

    For machines, you can use a treadmill at various inclines and speeds. You can also utilize the elliptical machine, the stair climber, a stationary bicycle, a rowing machine or even weight machines stacked with light weights and faster repetitions. Other exercises that you can do are jumping jacks, running in place, skipping rope, working out with a punching bag, shadow boxing, mountain climbers, crunches, box jumps, steppers, and several other machine-free cardio exercises.

    The main rules are that your five-minute sets are to be done to almost a point of exhaustion. You need to rest as little as possible between sets. For me, my rest lasts just long enough to quickly stretch and move on to the next station. You need to have clean water and a towel with you, because you are going to become soaked with sweat. You need to also drink a lot of water.

    You can do a variety of things to make the workouts harder. You can wear ankle and arm weights or carry dumbbells with you for all exercises that do not require the use of your hands. Also, for those hands-free exercises, you can carry a medicine ball around with you and do overhead presses or shoulder lifts for your entire five-minute set. You can up the level of resistance on the cardio machines and have higher inclines and speeds as well, as in the case of a workout on the treadmill. If you want to really work yourself hard, wear a weighted backpack for the entire 60-minute workout.

    The variety of exercises, the high level of intensity of the workout, the huge amount of calorie burn and all of the sweating you are doing will help you shed those unwanted pounds. if you are not exhausted and drenched with sweat, then you are not working hard enough.
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