• 15 Rounds of Boxing-Style Cardio Sessions

    Attachment 84If you want to get a good, solid, one-hour workout, then you should try what I call "15 Rounds of Boxing-Style Cardio Sessions". A boxing round lasts 3 minutes, with a 1- minute rest between rounds. If you go for 15 rounds, you get an exhausting 1-hour workout in. There are several boxing style exercises that you can do for your 15 rounds. The 15 rounds go by quickly if you mix it up with a wide variety of exercises. I am going to list three of these exercises, but feel free to do them in any order or combination you desire, as long as you complete all 15 rounds.

    Jumping rope is an excellent calorie-burning exercise. A 250-pound man will burn around 75 calories for every 3-minute boxing round spent jumping rope at a fast pace. Not only does jumping rope burn calories, but it also improves coordination, agility and endurance. You want to be sure you use a rope that is appropriate in length for your height. If it is too long, you will take forever to complete your jump. If it is too short, the jumping will be too fast, and you will constantly have the rope catching on your feet. The correct length can be determined by stepping on the rope with both feet and raising the jump rope handles to your armpits. If the length is right, the ends of the handles will just touch your armpits. You will want to swing the rope at the elbows, keep your legs bent, and jump low rather than high. In time, your speed and rhythm will get better, so don't get discouraged if you feel clumsy or slow when you first take up jumping rope.

    Punching a heavy bag is another great boxing exercise. You can burn around 30 calories or more hitting a heavy bag for 3 minutes. You will want to be sure that you maintain your balance, punch the bag rather than push it, and plant your feet on the ground with each punch. You should punch in combination strikes of 3 to 5, and focus on explosive breathing, not explosive punches. Keep your hands up at all times, as if you are in a real fight, and keep your feet moving when you are not executing a punch. Hitting a heavy bag works your core muscles, as well as your upper body, hands and arms. This exercise will build endurance and fighting confidence, as well as help to burn the fat off of your body.

    Shadow boxing is another exercise that is a fat burner that develops your boxing form, speed, and balance. It trains your body to throw quick punches, and gives you the opportunity to practice all boxing-style movements. Your should concentrate on combining diagonal movement footwork with rolling, quick punches. Visualize that you are squaring off with a suitable opponent and pretend that he is a real threat, intent on hurting you. If you want to make the workout more intense, then shadow box holding light weights.

    If you do all three of these exercises 5 times each in your 15-round workout, you will be well on your way to developing the body you desire.
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