• The Blessing of Being an Unemployed Man

    Can it be a blessing for a man to get laid off and being unemployed?Growing up, I always heard that if you wanted to be successful, you should go out and find a stable job with a big company, work there 30 to 40 years, move up in position and eventually retire with a nice monthly pension. That sounds good, but in today's business climate, that is hardly a reality. Big businesses are often not loyal to their hardworking, long-term employees. They are famous for outsourcing to other countries, getting rid of long-term employees to avoid paying them their retirement (and sometimes even cashing out on their stock), and then closing the doors, leaving their faithful workers out in the cold.

    Chances are, at one point in your working life, you are going to be handed that dreadful "pink slip" and be sent down to the unemployment line. It may not be anything you did wrong. It may be because business was slow for your employer. It could be that they "crunched some numbers" and decided they could make it with fewer employees and be more profitable. They may have been hit by the current anti-business climate that is being seen in America and are being economically forced to downsize or even close their doors. Whatever the reason, you shouldn't take it so personally.

    Suddenly becoming unemployed may be tough, but it is not the end of the world. It may very well be the beginning of something great in your life. So, how can getting laid off or fired from a job actually be a blessing for a man? Is that actually a possibility? Finding yourself unemployed can be devastating and often can make you feel like a failure; but, the truth is, that suddenly becoming unemployed may actually be an awesome thing for a man.

    Men can adapt to all sorts of environments. If men can learn to survive in the midst of a war, living in deplorable conditions with bullets flying all around them, then you can survive being out of work. Men have not only learned to survive in the face of adversity, they have also learned to thrive. If you look at the adventurers and explorers that founded America, you will see men that arose from nothing establish a great nation. Out of an uncivilized frontier, they carved homes, businesses, farms and eventually whole cities. They adapted, created, invented and built something great in an untamed and unexplored continent rife with hunger, disease and death.

    So how does this apply to you, the man that finds himself unemployed? Sure, it may be time for you to move on and find employment elsewhere. It may be time for you to go back to school and learn a trade or a professional skill that launches you into a new career. But, even more so, it may be the time for you to be so desperate and so beat down that you have to do something all on your own. You may have to learn to rely on yourself and stop depending on the plethora of unstable employers that are out there.

    The American economy was not founded by giant corporations and big businesses, but rather by entrepreneurs and small business owners. Being unemployed may be the one thing that forces you to go into business for yourself. It may be the situation where you are forced to make a business work in order to survive, rather than build a business just because you want to. When your small business is your only source of income, you absolutely will make it work. There is no room for failure or giving up. You must be successful and profitable at all costs because your very life depends on it!

    So what business should you start? That depends on your skills, interests and available cash for start up. Obviously, if all you have is your last paycheck in your pocket, you are not going to be franchising a Starbucks anytime soon! But, you could start a small home-based service business such as a janitorial service, a window washing business, handyman service or house-painting business. You may have the skills and knowledge to start a website design or computer repair business. You might be able to start your own website, business consulting or life-coaching business. You may want to go out and get your real estate license and become an agent or property manager.

    For example, I have a good friend that has had a successful handyman service for many years. On any given day, he will do several jobs for many different customers. He might hang a ceiling fan, fix a hot water heater, fix a broken air conditioning thermostat, and repair a large hole in a wall, along with several other short jobs. If you did not know him very well, you would think he was a man of little wealth that fixes stuff for people. The truth is, he regularly makes an average of $400 to $500 a day and, more often than not, a whole lot more. He stays busy 6 days a week and brings in around $2,500 a week, making over $100,000 a year. Oftentimes, it is cash money! His only business expenses are his van, gas and cell phone. He has most of the tools he needs and, if he has to buy one for a job, he figures that into the job price. His phone rings nonstop, so he picks and chooses the jobs he enjoys and declines the ones he does not feel like doing. Are there any jobs out there that will pay you 6 figures that will let you work from home and choose whether or not to accept work?

    Whether you go back to school to jump start a new career, look for a new job, or launch some sort of business venture, remember to stay positive and on top side. Do not let being an unemployed man affect your confidence and drive. No matter what happens, being unemployed is just a rough spot in the road of life. Do not get down, as that attitude will be the death of your success.
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      conrad -
      An unemployed man applies for the position of a janitor at Microsoft. He is interviewed by the HR Chief and subjected to a battery of employment tests. The HR Chief tells him: Congratulations, you got the job! Just give me your e-mail address so that I can send you an employment package and let you know when to start work.

      The man is distraught…He has no choice but to tell the HR Chief that he has no computer and therefore no e-mail. The HR Chief tells him that, if he has no e-mail address, he virtually does not exist and therefore cannot hold a job.

      The man leaves in a desperate mood. He is down to his last $10 with no job in sight. He sees a supermarket and decides to buy a 10 lb box of strawberries.

      He starts out making door to door calls, selling those strawberries by the pound. Within 2 hours, he manages to double his capital. He repeats the deal 3 times more and goes home with $60 in his pocket. He comes to see that he can survive this way. He starts every day earlier and goes home later every day, tripling or quadrupling his money every day.

      Before long, he buys a wheel barrow so he can buy and sell mores strawberries. After a while, he is able to buy a truck and eventually becomes the owner of a fleet of delivery trucks with several employees working for him. He adds other produce items to his deliveries.

      5 years go by…

      The man is now the owner of one of the largest food chains in the United States. He starts thinking about the future for him and his family and decides to buy some life insurance. He calls an agent and selects a good policy. The agent asks him for his e-mail address to send him a confirmation of the policy.

      The man tells him that he doesn’t have an e-mail address! That is incredible, says the agent. you have no e-mail but you built this large empire! Can you imagine where you would be if you had an e-mail address?

      The man briefly thinks and then answers: I WOULD BE A TOILET CLEANER AT MICROSOFT!

      The author then lists 3 morals of the story:

      Moral 1 of the story: The internet does not solve all the problems in our lives!

      Moral 2 of the story: When you have no e-mail but work hard, you can become a millionaire!

      Moral 3 of the story: You received this story by e-mail. Therefore you are closer to cleaning toilets than to being a millionaire!
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