• Let's Talk Water!! by Paul Joslyn

    Attachment 97Let’s talk water!! With summer just around the corner I have been thinking about how much better water can make a miserable, hot day. Water is composed of two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule, better known as dihydrogen oxide to my more nerdy peeps out there. Water comprises approximately 60 - 78 percent of the human body and is crucial for our survival. A cool thing about water is the fact that it is able to exist in three different forms: liquid, solid, and gaseous.

    Attachment 98Liquid form is one of the most widely seen forms of water, which is found in our lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans. Water is one of the most beautiful things on this planet--from our oceans to our glaciers, from our streams to our waterfalls, an endless beauty can be seen. We have even taken this wonderful water and have made it into an entertainment venue through water parks. I personally have never been to a water park due to an opinion of viewing that specific water as a public bathing pool. I am hoping to remedy this “phobia” soon by visiting my first water park this summer. There are numerous water parks I have found that look to be very entertaining; armed with this new knowledge my opinion is starting to change. Another thought on water is the power of hydraulic pressure and erosion. Niagara Falls is a great example of hydraulic pressure in action. The power produced by the falls is enough to produce electricity for the entire northern half of the United States. The falls are also a good example of the erosive power of water. The falls have been estimated to erode the rock at a rate of one foot per year!

    Attachment 99Solid forms of water, ice, we can see in great amounts at our polar caps. We have a very popular historical event that involves our solid form of water. This event was the sinking of the RMS Titanic in 1912. When looking at an iceberg, one is only able to see the top ten percent of the total berg. There is a whopping ninety percent of berg under the water, hidden from view. I like to think of myself as an iceberg, people only seeing the visible ten percent and the true depth of myself being underneath for none to see. My wife says this thought is simply my head being the ten percent seen and my butt is the other mass not seen till it’s too late! Anyway. A cool thing to remember about ice is the expansion that happens when the water is frozen. Water will expand roughly ten percent when it freezes, which will also cause some amazing pressure. The pressures exerted are so varied by the many options on temperature, container, and ice type that I cannot begin to go into that discussion.

    Attachment 100The gaseous state of water is most frequently seen and dealt with as steam or clouds. Steam is an amazing entity all by itself. Steam's maximum temperature is 212 degrees Fahrenheit, but the cool thing about steam is that, when pressurized, it can get hotter than its maximum temperature. The higher the pressure the hotter the steam temperature will climb. Steam is used in cleaning, cooking, and sanitizing.

    Remember to drink at least eight glasses of this amazing substance everyday to help keep yourself healthy. Water will help keep your kidneys flushed and your muscles hydrated. I hope you have enjoyed this article and I look forward to hearing any feedback you may have. Thanks!
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