• A Gentleman's Guide to Cell Phone Etiquette

    Attachment 101There is no getting around the fact that cell phones have become a part of our everyday modern world. Although a gentleman can hardly conduct his business and personal life without a mobile phone, he must do his very best not to use it in an obtrusive manner. He knows that if he is going to use his cell phone, it must be in a way that does not impose on the people around him.

    Some men like to show off their brand-new cell phone and other gadgets, hoping to impress others by prancing around a crowded area, talking loudly. A true gentleman's self image does not need to be flaunted, as his confidence comes from what he is rather than the things he possesses. Besides, wireless headsets and earpieces are so common these days, that no one is likely to be impressed by them.

    A gentleman refrains from making and receiving calls while in the company of others. He knows that not practicing such restraint shows that the person on the end of his cell is more important than the people he is keeping company with. Giving one's full attention to the people you are with is well-mannered and displays proper etiquette.

    A gentleman is aware that it is ill-mannered and rude to loudly chatter away on his cell in public places where people are around him. This sort of ill-mannered behavior can annoy total strangers, cause delays in interacting with bank tellers and store cashiers, and can also be a distraction to the person on his phone. It can result in disputes with theater ushers, librarians, gas station attendants, hospital staff and airport security.

    A true gentleman does not force those around him to hear him loudly discuss business with his stockbroker, realtor, doctor, employer, or employees. Nor does he draft them into his conversation with his wife or sweetheart about their dinner and theater plans for the evening. He knows that the people around him are not interested in him, but have their own lives to attend to.

    A businessman that is also a gentleman does not take calls during a business meeting, unless the call is relevant to the meeting that is taking place. He knows to say, "Excuse me" to those he is meeting with before he takes the call. He will then be short and to the point, ascertain the information needed to proceed with the meeting and then get off the phone and back to the meeting as soon as possible.

    If the situation does arise where a call must be received or made, a true gentleman locates to an area where he is least likely to disturb anyone. He does not get on his cell at the cafe table, the bank lobby or in the middle of a shopping mall. If he is near anyone, he can turn his back to them, cover his mouth and speak into the phone, so as not to intrude on those around him.

    A true gentleman should follow the following rules in deciding if cell phone usage is appropriate:

    • If he is by himself.
    • If he knows that his conversation will not disturb anyone.
    • If he is married and his wife is due to give birth at any moment.
    • If he is medical doctor receiving a call from his office staff or a hospital that he works at.
    • If the call brings pertinent information to a business meeting.
    • If the call is bringing an answer to something needed by a person he is accompanying.
    • If he really is sure that the call is an emergency situation.

    A true gentleman should follow the following rules in deciding if cell phone usage is inappropriate:
    • If he is driving.
    • If he is in church, at a movie, an opera, a play or a concert.
    • If he is dining out at a restaurant, whether it be a greasy spoon or a five-star exclusive dining venue.
    • If he is standing in line at any public establishment where those around him will be unable to escape his loud chattering.
    • If he is in an elevator.
    • If he is at a gym.
    • If he is at the library.
    • If he is on a train, plane, bus, or other transport where others are riding with him.
    • If he is in any public place where there is a sign that denotes the area as a place where cell phones are not permitted.
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