• Office Christmas Party Etiquette Guide For Men

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    It is that time of year again when most of you guys will be invited to a Christmas or holiday party. The office Christmas party is pretty much a mandatory event, so the main rule that needs to be followed is to be sure to show up! If you do not make it to the party, not only will all of your coworkers notice, but your boss will especially take note of your absence. You will be seen as antisocial and not a company team player, as well as an all around "bah humbug" Ebenezer Scrooge. This will certainly affect you when it is time for company evaluations, raises and promotions. So do not make the "career killer" mistake of not showing up!

    Besides that rule, there are several other rules of etiquette that a man should follow at his company Christmas party.

    1. Be sure to dress appropriately for the occasion. Check your invitation or company memorandum to see what the dress requirements are. Don't wear an ugly Christmas sweater or a Hawaiian shirt. You also do not want to overdress by showing up in a tuxedo when everyone else is in casual dress. Make sure your cologne or aftershave is not overpowering as well.
    2. Show up on time! You do not have to be sitting in your automobile in the parking lot thirty minutes before the party starts; however, you should show up to the party within the first thirty minutes of its scheduled starting time. You should also stick around for the duration of the party because it will be noticed if you slip out twenty minutes after you arrived just so you can make a "token appearance."
    3. Excessive Guests. Some businesses will allow you to bring additional guests, but many do not. Keep in mind that this is a company event and the planning decisions have already been made when it comes to the seating and meal count. So, be sure to only bring one date to the party unless the company has made it clear that family is welcome.
    4. Alcohol consumption. Make sure you do not give yourself a bad name by getting drunk. No matter how much drinking is going on around you, be sure to stay sober and civilized. Don't feel comfortable joining in the boozing. Even if no one seems to be noticing your buddy from the cubicle next to you staggering and falling down drunk, there will most definitely be whispering and laughing about him on Monday.
    5. Don't stuff yourself. Do not be the guest that was seen leaving the buffet with a plate stacked three feet high. Keep your hands clean and free of food and do not talk with food in your mouth. Do not walk around with multiple hors d'oeuvres piled on a plate, don't double dip, and do not have a toothpick hanging out of your mouth.
    6. Shut up! Don't spend the entire party dominating every conversation, but rather let others talk. Don't be loud, insulting, use inappropriate language or tell offensive jokes.
    7. Don't do anything you will regret on Monday! Be sure to enjoy the party, but, for goodness' sake, don't be remembered for the next thirty years as the man that danced on top of a table or stripped off his shirt and dirty danced with all of his coworkers.
    8. Spread yourself around. Do not spend too much time with one coworker or a group of coworkers. The company Christmas party is not the time to get into "office clique" mode. Also, make sure you do not spend the evening attached to your boss. You do not want to be labeled as the corporate "kiss up" as a Christmas gift.
    9. Do not be alone with any women away from the general party area. Even if nothing romantic is going on, someone may be likely to assume it did and spread the rumor around the office on Monday. You will never be able to live the lie down.
    10. Don't talk shop. Leave the work talk out of the equation and definitely do not complain about your work conditions, your pay, your bonus or the boss. Steer clear of the other basic taboo topics, such as money, sex, religion and home life, too.
    11. Keep your hands to yourself. Do not be hanging on coworkers, whether they be male or female, and do not touch anyone inappropriately. You do not want to be the subject of a sexual discrimination investigation. Be sure to walk away immediately if insults or arguments arise and do not get into any physical altercations. The fight scene in the firefighter movie "Back Draft" makes for a great movie scene, but will ruin your career in real life.
    12. Be grateful. Before you leave, be sure to thank your boss or bosses for hosting the company Christmas party and let it be known that you had a wonderful time. Also, be sure to thank any of your coworkers that were involved in the planning of the event for all of their hard work.
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