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Thread: What is your fitness routine?

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    What is your fitness routine?

    I am looking to get back to working out and wondered what world for you to lose weight as well as tone up the muscles. I am not looking to go all out Lou Ferrigno or anything but rather get solid again and have better endurance.


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    It is all about calories in and how much you burn. If you want to lose then figure out how much your body needs to maintain your weight and cut the calories down by 500 to 1000 a day and also try and burn 1000 extra calories a day exercising.

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    Hey guys!!Fitness has own importance in our life.According to me that we should
    do the exercise work for keep fitness of the body.All exercise helps strengthen bones and muscles to some degree, but weight-bearing exercise,such as running, is especially good in promoting bone density....

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    I mostly do cardio exercise in my daily workout routine to maintain my health and fitness level.
    My daily workout routine include:
    Running: 15 minutes,
    Jogging: 15 minutes,
    Swimming: 15 minutes,
    Push ups: 25,
    Pull ups: 25,
    and sits ups: 50.

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    Daily gym workout is my fitness routine,.
    I do workout in the gym for whole body and keep my fitness and health.
    Daily morning walk is also my habit to keep fit myself,.

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    Have a high-protein breakfast, dodge sugary beverages and organic product juice, drink water a half hour before dinners, pick weight reduction benevolent sustenance, eat solvent fiber, drink espresso or tea, eat for the most part entire, natural nourishment, eat your sustenance gradually...
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    Mean to join oxygen consuming wellness, quality preparing, center activities, balance preparing, and adaptability and extending into your activity plan. It isn't important to fit every one of these components into each wellness session, yet considering them into your normal routine can enable you to advance qualification forever.
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    Building an Exercise Schedule. Continuously warm up 5-10 minutes on a bicycle, paddling machine, bouncing jacks, keep running here and there your stairs, and so on. Pick one exercise for each enormous muscle gathering quads, butt and hamstrings, push, force, and center. Complete 3-5 sets for each activity.
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    Cool wake up early morning

    yes wake up before sun rise take fresh oxygen into you lungs do not smoke eat simple food not eat to much fried stuff
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