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Thread: The Daily Word

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    The Daily Word

    A thread about words every man should know and add too their vocabulary!

    Feel free to add yours!

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    Day 1: libation (lie-BAY-shun) - noun

    An alcoholic beverage consumed at parties and celebrations.

    With the libations flowing freely at the fraternity party, many of my brothers felt it necessary to make a drunken speech.

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    Day 2: consternation - (kän(t)-stər-ˈnā-shən) Noun

    Feelings of anxiety, alarm or dismay, typically at something unforeseen.

    In high school, he started looking at pornography, much to his mother's consternation.

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    Day 3 baneful - (ˈbān-fəl) adjective

    Causing harm, ruin, or death; harmful.

    If you find yourself in the baneful situation of having someone stick a gun in your face, I have some extremely good news for you.

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    mod·i·cum (md-km)n. pl. mod·i·cums or mod·i·ca (-k) A small, moderate, or token amount

    Anyone with a modicum of manners would know it is not proper to blow their nose at the dinner table.

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    solicitous [səˈlɪsɪtəs]adj1. showing consideration, concern, attention, etc.
    2. keenly anxious or willing; eager[from Latin sollicitus anxious; see solicit]

    The solicitous concern the teacher had for her student's lessons provided a sound education for many of that attended her classes.

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    eponymousadj [ɪˈpɒnɪməs]
    1. (of a person) being the person after whom a literary work, film, etc., is named
    2. (of a literary work, film, etc.) named after its central character or creator

    Romulus, the eponymous founder of Rome.

    The computer company Dell, is eponymous, as it is named after the founder of the company Michael Dell.

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    adjective: cogent

    (of an argument or case) clear, logical, and convincing.

    Appealing to the intellect or powers of reasoning; convincing: a cogent argument.

    Cogent evidence supports the latter then the Court must be entitled to reach a conclusion adverse to the parent or carer.

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