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Thread: Sports for fitness!!!

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    Sports for fitness!!!

    Sports and games is the necessary for the healthy living and healthy life
    style.So we should be participate in the sports and games for the physically
    fitness.Different people like the different sports like,...
    1 Cricket
    2 Football
    3 Hockey
    4 Baseball.....

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    Yes of course sports play an important role to maintain the health and improve the fitness level.
    I also play different sports for the fitness purposes. I spend more time in football because it is more beneficial for the fitness purpose, it helped me to lose my unnecessary weight and increase my body strength.

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    Any physical activity that gets the blood pumping and the sweat dripping will lead to weight loss. Variety is the spice of anything in life and if you mix things up you won't get bored and slack as a result of boredom!

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    Sports are best tools for fitness. Sports activities provide us many benefits and we can maintain health and fitness easily. It is good to play some sports activities daily.

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    Yoga is the best and especially DDP / YRG yoga.

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    I thinks every sports is best for the fitness. But Cycling , Running and Swimming are the best sports that helps to improve and keep body health and fitness,.

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    Swimming. Swimming isn't just an entire physical exercise; it is likewise a marvelous game for your heart and a low-stretch movement.

    Tennis. This is extraordinary compared to other oxygen consuming activities keeping pace with running and cycling.






    Crosscountry Skiing.
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