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Men Creating Meals in the Kitchen


  • Men Creating Meals in the Kitchen

    healthy-diet.jpgMen, you need to learn how to cook a real meal in your kitchen. Real meals do not come in a wrapper at a drive-through, nor are they Spam in a can. Real, honest-to-goodness food is planned, prepared and created in the kitchen. I know most of you enjoy eating a fast-food meal or engaging in devouring a calorie-filled, unhealthy processed meal once in awhile, and so do I. This article is not going to be a preachy text about eating healthy. Its intent is to touch on the joys of meal creation, preparation, cooking and dining.

    Let's face it men, we were born with the desire to create things. Historically, men dream of building "things" and have done so since the beginning of the earth until now. Men receive a certain amount of joy and satisfaction by creating and building "things".

    For example, let's look at the Empire State Building, located in Midtown Manhattan in New York City. This 102- story building was the dream of many men. The blueprints were designed by William F. Lamb of the Shreve, Lamb, and Harmon architectural firm. The project was primarily financed by two men - John J. Raskob and Pierre S. du Pont, and the general contractors were The Starrett Brothers and Eken. The construction company was chaired by Alfred E. Smith, the construction materials were supplied by James Farley's General Builders Supply Corporation, and the project superintendent was John W. Bowser - all of them men.

    The project employed a workforce of over 3,400 men, and five men died during the construction of the building. On May 1, 1931, the Empire State Building officially opened, and the lights were turned on remotely from Washington D.C. by another man, President Herbert Hoover. Many men were a part of this great endeavor - from the financiers, to the designers, to the project managers, to the laborers, and, finally, to President Hoover. All of these men had a shared dream, which was to create the world's tallest building.

    I promise you that everyone of those men from the very top, to the bottom, had a great sense of pride and joy in their part of this creation. I knew an elderly man (now deceased) that was involved in the building of most, if not all, of the state highway bridges in Texas. He took great pride in that, and while we drove around the great state of Texas, he proudly pointed out many bridges with a smile, stating, "I built that one."

    So what does the Empire State Building and bridges in Texas have to do with cooking? It is all about the joy of creating something. Most of us will never build the tallest building in the world, design the space shuttle or build a flying car. However, we can utilize the creativity inside of us in small ways in our lives. One of those ways happens to be cooking in the kitchen.

    There is no joy in being handed a burger, fries and a Coke through the drive-up window of a fast-food restaurant. There is not a feeling of self accomplishment in popping a TV dinner into the microwave. There is no fun in handing over a $20 bill to a pizza delivery driver, and then devouring the pizza in front of the boring reality television show. There is no feeling of accomplishment in pulling a slice of bread out of the bread bag. These meals are just not as enjoyable to dine on as the ones you thought out, prepared, and cooked yourself.

    The best-tasting meals you will ever eat are the ones that you created by yourself, starting with the trip to the grocery store to ending with putting the dishes away when you are done washing them. They are the meals that you spent time shopping for fresh, organic ingredients, making sure you passed by the boxed and frozen food aisles of the grocery store. They are the ones for which you cut the fresh vegetables, herbs, spices and meat in your kitchen. It's the ingredients you carefully combined and mixed prior to cooking the meal. It is the food that you stirred, simmered, sauteed, barbequed, baked, fried, stewed or boiled from start to finish. The joy that comes with the creation of such meals makes the food taste so much better.

    Once you learn to use the creative spirit that dwells within you, you will open a whole new world for yourself. Again, you may not create the hottest new product or discover a cure for the common cold, but you can find things in your life to utilize your creative side. You can achieve the joy and sense of accomplishment by creating things around you.

    Here is a brief list of things to do to utilize your creative side:

    • Cooking in your kitchen.
    • Cultivating a home garden.
    • Landscaping your lawn.
    • Remodeling your house.
    • Repairing your car.
    • Painting, drawing, photography, sculpting, and other hobbies involving creation.
    • Writing.

    Please feel free to add your suggestions to the list in the comment's section.
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