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Here are 10 things I do nearly every Monday after pigging out!

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  • Here are 10 things I do nearly every Monday after pigging out!

    Like most people, I indulge over the weekend. Here are 10 things I do nearly every Monday:

    1. I get my blood flowing and perform any type of cardio. Today, I only have time for 20 minutes of heart pounding running.
    2. Eat small meals consisting of lean protein, complex carbs and healthy fats (note: I don't omit carbs)
    3. Drink water with lemon. I carry a waterbottle everywhere I go! You need to hydrate and detox your system.
    4. Eat meal/snacks consisting of raw foods like salads, nuts, fruit, veggies!
    5. Don't think about what you ate (or drank) this weekend. It's in the past and not worth thinking about.
    6. Plan out your workouts for the week. It makes you focused and gives you positive direction.
    7. Throw away any unhealthy leftovers. (Seriously. Get the pizza, chips and beer from the Super Bowl festivities out of your fridge!)
    8. Drink some black coffee or tea. You may feel bloated and caffeine is a natural diuretic.
    9. Don't weigh yourself. Again, you may be retaining water from the processed foods from the weekend so don't weigh yourself. Some people way 5lbs more! Unless you consumed nearly 20,000 extra calories, most of that weight is water retention.
    10. Take Action. Don't think about the past and don't lose brain space on things you say you're going to do in your future. Take Action NOW and be positive.

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